SverigeGrepen is a patented mucking fork, designed and manufactured in Sweden.

Ergonomic design


Specially designed fork head ensures that the fork moves forward easily
in the most efficient direction, increasing work output.

The handle is designed to offer four different grip options. This increases
comfort and minimizes injuries. The handle stabilizes the fork and reduces
the load on the wrist and shoulder.

The shaft, which is part of the unique design, is made of anodized aluminum.
The ergonomic design allows a good working posture.

High quality

The fork head and handle are made of specialized plastic, making this one of the lightest mucking forks on the market and virtually unbreakable. Total weight is very low. The Swedish Fork is developed and manufactured in Sweden. It is adapted to Sweden’s extreme weather conditions, withstanding both heat and cold.

Improve the quality of the tools you use in the stable!


The fork head design reduces mucking time and minimizes unnecessary consumption of shavings. The contoured shape allows greater stability so that a larger amount of manure can be held in the fork head without it seeming too heavy. Manure is left in the fork head and the shavings fall through quickly.

  • Ergonomic work position
  • Unique design of handle, shaft and head
  • Works well for short and tall people
  • Withstands cold and hot weather conditions
  • Shortened mucking time
  • Lightweight
  • Less waste of bedding